September 05, 2016

Impromptu days out are always fun, especially when there's the freedom to fly anywhere in the country.  So when Paul (who happens to have a pilot's license) wanted to fly somewhere for a spontaneous day out, it was an offer I couldn't refuse, especially as the weather was splendid.  We had originally planned to fly down to Cambridge for the day, however for one reason or another the local runway was closed, so instead we went to Wales.  We flew out on a charter plane from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, where it takes just under an hour to get to Wales - it certainly beat  driving!

After a quick call to the destination airport to notify them that we were coming, it was time to take off and be on our way!

We took a scenic route over Liverpool to get an incredible aerial view of the city.  If you look closely you can spy out the iconic Royal Liver Building and the Anglican Cathedral, not to mention the Liverpool Eye and the Echo Arena.  

Once we got up to 5,000 ft, I was entrusted to fly the plane for a bit, which was more fun than I could possibly put into words.  I can really see now why some people have such an affinity with flying.  It's hard to describe, it's such such an incredible experience.  I'm a bit of a closet aviation geek so I was in awe.  

We also rolled the plane on its sides to experience the g-force, which was incredible feeling.  It exerts pressure on your chest and it almost makes you feel a bit light headed.  It's almost a bit like being on a rollercoaster, and you get incredible views out the windows too!  

Paul took care of all of the technical stuff.  Apparently it's possible to navigate a plane using your iPhone!  There's an app that directs you to your destination and gives you details on what altitude you should be cursing at.  It's not too dissimilar from using a GPS in a car.  

Finally we arrived at our destination, Wales!  The weather was glorious and sunny so of course we hit the beach.  We went to a place in Wales known as Shell Island, which got its name from the selection of shells that can be found on its shores.  We went to an ultra-quaint little country pub for lunch and sat outside in its garden, after which we spent a few hours walking around and exploring the area.  

After a fantastic day out in Wales it was time to jump back on the plane and head back to Liverpool.  The visibility on the return journey was even better; Wales really is a stunning county to fly over.  We even spied out Mount Snowdon.  

When we arrived back in Merseyside, we had to circle around in the air for a bit; charter planes use the same runway as the commercial jets, which get priority when it comes to landing.  It was a nice opportunity to fly over The Wirral and get a good aerial view of it.  I've got to say, flying sure beats driving! 

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